Bellevue Architects


At Bellevue Architects We are committed to utilize our architectural experience in transforming developments to a habitable space that suits clients lifestyle and the community, with a reflection of not only the Architects early vision for the site but also the intended target market.

Our services cover but not limited to: buy autocad software

Property Development

Property Development

  • Market research for feasible developments.
  • Site investigation.
  • Strategic Planning.
  • Feasibility study.
Architectural Design

Architectural Design

  • Schematic design.
  • Conceptual studies.
  • Drafting & Documentation.
  • Council coordination and submission.
  • Consultants, coordination.
  • Contract Documentation.
  • Contract administration.
Interior Design

Interior Design

  • Space study.
  • Theme selection.
  • Material selection. 
  • Furnishing. 
  • Shop fitout design.
Building Construction

Building Construction

  • Project management.
  • Project procurement. 
  • Home Renovations. 
  • Major construction.
  • Form working.
  • Concrete.
  • Steel Construction.
  • Fit Out Construction.